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6 facts I wish people understood about neurodiversity

In this blog Cory shares what it’s like to be neurodiverse living in a ‘neurotypical’ world. Discover 6 facts he wants you to know.
6 facts I wish people understood about neurodiversity

Neurodiversity and the Future of Work: Shaping Tomorrow's Workplace

Texthelp's Chief People Officer Cathy Donnelly explores neurodiversity in the workplace and how inclusive workplace practices are shaping tomorrow's workplace.
Neurodiversity and the future of work

MTSS vs RTI: What’s the difference?

Learn about the similarities and differences of MTSS vs RTI. Discover how they can work together to create an environment designed to meet the needs of all learners.
mtss a multi tiered system of support

Belongingness at work: DE&I experts share how to create a culture that promotes acceptance, inclusion & belonging

Hear 7 key thoughts from DE&I experts on creating a culture that promotes acceptance, inclusion & belonging.

Unlocking neurodiversity in the workplace

Work’s where many of us spend a big chunk of our lives. It can be a productive, stimulating place where great things happen. But it’s not without its stresses, strains and challenges that employees face daily.

3 reasons to bring disability inclusion to the mainstream: the rising, the unforeseen & the unforgettable

Beyond the moral responsibility to do so, let's take a look at the growing need to bring disability inclusion into the D&I agenda.
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10 HR Leaders Make A Pledge For Disability Inclusion

What will you do to challenge unconscious biases, and help your neurodivergent colleagues and those with disabilities, to feel more understood and welcomed in the workplace? Here's 10 pledges from HR leaders.
Montage of HR leaders

How to approach disability inclusion with triple A technique

EY and Texthelp explore how to approach disability inclusion and create lasting impact.
Texthelp EY

Disability inclusion: A Q&A with IBM

In this blog, IBM's Disability Employee Network Group (ENG) Lead and D&I Champion, Alix Horton, shares how IBM champion disability inclusion.
Alix Horton, IBM

9 workplace inclusion questions answered - and tips from 30 DEI experts

Here, we answer 9 key questions around workplace inclusion based on advice shared by speakers at this year's Festival of Workplace Inclusion. Gain tips that'll help you revolutionize inclusion in your workplace.

How to use Universal Design to enhance the employee life cycle

Discover how to enhance every stage of the employee life cycle, from recruitment to retention, using Universal Design. Explore strategies for a more inclusive and productive workplace. Learn more.
icons representing the employee life cycle: Mechanical cog representing Design, Finger point representing Hiring, Pen representing Contracting, Open book representing Training, Graph representing Performance review, Heart representing Wellbeing.

14 ways to future-proof your business with neuro-inclusion

14 business leaders share one key piece of advice on how organizations can be more neuro-inclusive.
Headshot of 14 business professionals

10 business benefits that come from a neurodiverse workforce

10 business leaders share one way neurodiversity has strengthened their business.
Headshot of 10 business professionals

4 ways employers can combat stigmas surrounding neurodiversity

In this interview, Martin McKay shares how to reduce stigma around neurodiversity in the workplace.
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Supporting neurodiversity in the changing world of work

In this Q&A session, we hear from Aidan Healy, CEO of Lexxic, on supporting neurodiversity in today’s evolving workplace.

Supporting autistic employees during change

In this guest blog, our friends at Auticon tell us how they support employees with Autism during times of change.

12 tips for supporting colleagues with ADHD in the workplace

ADHD coaches, business leaders, and people with lived experience of ADHD share 12 tips to help you support employees with ADHD to accomplish their tasks and feel accepted in the work environment.
Tips for supporting colleagues with ADHD

The key to unlocking neurodiversity & the code for success

In a recent discussion, Texthelp, EY and SAP explored how to unlock the value of neurodiversity. But, what does it mean to ‘unlock the value of neurodiversity?’ Here, we answer that question while highlighting some key insights from the discussion.
Four panel speakers with an audience in front of them. Behind them is a backdrop with the text Building inclusive workplaces: How to unlock the value of neurodiversity