• The digitization of math: Accessibility

    At Texthelp, we believe everyone deserves to understand and be understood. This includes in the math classroom. Digital math teaching and learning offers unparalleled accessibility for all students and offers educators real time saving solutions.

    In our latest season of Texthelp Talks, we'll be exploring this topic in depth. Starting with a two part discussion with Texthelpers who are passionate about all things math. In part 1, Louis and Paddy chat about the benefits of accessible math, the impact on math education and how we as educators can make our math classrooms more inclusive and accessible to all.

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  • Creating accessible remote and online meetings

    We're all very well accustomed to online and remote meetings in 2023. "Oh sorry I was on mute" - is this still happening to anyone else? Beyond these unique challenges presented by online and remote working, could lie both visible and invisible accessibility barriers. In particular, for people with disabilities and additional needs.

    In this episode, Texthelper Sammy will give you tips and advice on how to make your remote and online meetings more accessible. She will take you beyond the built in accessibility features in the platforms, to give you ways that you can create a sense of belonging that makes your work or education setting more inclusive for everyone.

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  • Texthelp Talks Season Three

    Welcome to another season of the Texthelp Talks podcast. The podcast that gets you thinking differently about disability inclusion. This season we are chatting all things Accessibility.

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  • Texthelp Talks: Exploring Dyslexia beyond reading and writing

    Our host, Donna Thomson, is joined by Adam Spencer, Content Creator at Classic Marble. Adam has Dyslexia, and in this episode, Adam and Donna explore dyslexia beyond reading and writing challenges.

    Don't forget to listen out for Donna's one thing to know, one thing to do, and one thing to think about at the end of the episode.

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  • Challenging stigma: A look at Dyslexia from a Dyslexic mind (or two!)

    At least 10% of the UK population is dyslexic, yet many dyslexic’s still experience a lack of understanding and support for Dyslexia in the world of work. Everyone deserves to feel understood, accepted and like they belong.

    In this podcast episode, we take a look at Dyslexia through the eyes of Sam, aka Sam the Dyslexic (a British Police Officer), and Andy Nickolls, a Dyslexic Blue Light employee (Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, previously NHS). Together we challenge the misconceptions that exist around Dyslexia. Listen and gain insight to help you better understand and support your Dyslexic employees, colleagues and friends.

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  • Dyslexia, the workplace and me

    In today’s episode of Texthelp Talks we chat with Colin Moloney, Governance Manager in the UK Civil Service, about his experiences of Dyslexia in the workplace.

    Colin will chat about some of the challenges he has faced throughout his career as well as some of the strengths he brings to his job as a result of his neurodiversity. We will also discuss the ways in which technology has supported Colin and some tips for creating a more inclusive workplace for all. 

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