• It takes a village: Perspectives on EdTech with South Lanarkshire Council

    Getting funds to invest in technology is really only the first hurdle for schools and local authorities. Driving adoption of these tools also presents challenges. That's because there are a lot of stakeholders and voices within education. To be able to select the right tools and drive usage there needs to be engagement with the whole school community.

    In this episode, we hear from different perspectives to help local authorities and schools on their EdTech journey. Listen as South Lanarkshire Council share their story to rolling out devices and software across their 150 schools. You'll learn from education support officers, right through to parents.

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  • Texthelp Live at Bett 2022 | Part 2

    In this special Texthelp Talks series, we took the podcast on the road to capture all things Bett 2022. To wrap up an exciting three days at the show we are joined by leading Bett speakers Abid Patel and Graham Macaulay, as well as some Texthelp friends. Listen along to hear why our key takeaway from Bett this year is 'momentum'.

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  • Inclusive Learning 365 - Roadtrip to ISTE

    Jason Carroll, Chief Product Officer at Texthelp is joined (for the second time) by the authors of Inclusive Learning 365: Chris Bugaj, Karen Janowski, Mike Marotta and Beth Poss - who all come from a variety of backgrounds in education.

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  • Accessibility by design at the Dyson Institute

    To innovate and create our own future, we need to think differently. And to unlock the potential of all students, we need to create more inclusive learning experiences. In this episode of Texthelp Talks, we’re joined by Rachel Nowicki to discuss all things accessibility by design.

    Rae is the Disability Support Advisor at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology. She discusses the Institute’s approach to inclusion and how this gives their Neurodiverse students opportunities to succeed with engineering and maths from day one.

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  • Driving education through collaboration and community

    In this episode of the Texthelp Talks podcast, we caught up with Caroline Wright, live from Bett 2022. Caroline is the Director General of the British Educational Suppliers Association. BESA is the UK’s national industry association for educational products and services. Caroline talked to us about the work BESA do to support schools and educators. As well as reflecting on the past 2 years, where we're at now and how we can maintain momentum with EdTech to make our schools even more inclusive.

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  • Texthelp Live at Bett 2022 | Part 1

    In this special Texthelp Talks series, we took the podcast on the road to capture all things Bett 2022. In this episode we're joined by a host of different speakers and even some special VIPs (Very Important Pupils). Tune in if you missed Bett this year or if you want to check out what you might have missed while you were exploring the show.

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