• Creating inclusive learning experiences with Highland Council

    In this episode of Texthelp Talks, our host Patrick McGrath is joined by Robert Quigley and Tania Mackie from Highland Council in Scotland. They discuss their journey of rolling out and implementing over 30,000 Chromebook devices to students in their local authority. Which was driven by their commitment to digital learning and inclusion.

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  • Let's Talk Everything Apprenticeships

    In this special edition of Texthelp Talks, we celebrate NI Apprenticeships Week by sitting down for a chat with the people involved in Texthelp's very own apprenticeship scheme. Join us to find out more about the benefits of apprenticeships and how you can get involved as a business or as an apprentice.

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  • Reimagining education in Australia

    In this episode of Texthelp Talks, our host Greg O'Connor sits down to chat to one of the co-authors on our recent 'Learning in a changing landscape' whitepaper, Dr. Chris Wilson from ImpactEd. They explore key results from the research, including Australia's response to teaching in a pandemic and how this is causing us to reimagine what education looks like in Australia moving forward. They discuss challenges including teacher workloads and how to effectively select EdTech tools that can compliment existing pedagogy and help to close the achievement gap for all students.

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  • A day in the life of a... Teacher

    What does being a teacher really mean in the current climate? In this podcast we break down the statistics surrounding teacher workloads. Listen along as we join Bukky Yusuf, a teacher and Senior Leader at Edith Kay School, for a day in her life. We explore what teacher workload really looks like, from effectively managing admin tasks to navigating that all important work life balance. As well as what tools and strategies Bukky uses to reduce her workload. Including how she supports her fellow teachers in her role as a Senior Leader.

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  • The Changing Face of Assessment with Daren White

    As Wales announce that they plan on following Scotland in their decision to cancel end of year exams in 2021, Texthelper Patrick McGrath is joined by Daren White, a Senior Leader across two Secondary Academies in Essex, to explore the changing face of assessment. 

    They discuss what this move away from exams means for teachers and students. And how technology can support more formative assessment and provide the continuous, meaningful feedback that students need to succeed. Listen to their chat to learn more.

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  • Trends in Education Technology for 2021

    Welcome to the Texthelp Talks podcast! In this episode we hear from our CEO and Founder, Martin McKay. Each year, Martin sits down to explore what the biggest trends in education for the upcoming year will be. This year has been a year like no other. So while we’re looking ahead to 2021 and what’s to come, Martin also reflects on what the effects of the global pandemic has taught us, both in education and in Texthelp as an organization.

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