WCAG Checklist

An accessibility checklist to help marketers and designers meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) explain how to make websites and apps accessible to people with disabilities. They outline criteria that must be met for a website to be considered accessible. As such, when it comes to achieving accessibility, the WCAG are a great place to start.

The WCAG take into account technical coding, as well as elements that affect content and design. From your IT department to your Communications, Marketing and Design teams, each should be aware of the WCAG. To help, we've created two WCAG checklists.

These WCAG checklists will help you improve the accessibility of your digital content. They've been created to help you meet WCAG 2.1 - the current version of WCAG.

WCAG checklist for Marketers

The goal of your marketing team is to make sure that your online messages resonate with every unique person in your target audience. Considering the experiences of people with physical, cognitive, literacy or language challenges matter.

This checklist will help your Marketing team to keep accessibility in mind throughout their digital campaigns. Helping you to become a more inclusive brand that's welcoming to everyone.

Download for free. Pass to your Marketing team. Support them to be more inclusive.

WCAG checklist for Designers

Design choices have an enormous impact on how easily (or not) your audiences will be able to access, understand and use your digital content. Optimizing design elements so that your content is accessible to a wide audience is important.

This checklist will help your Design team to make more accessible design choices. Meaning that your online visitors will be able to access your content, regardless of difference or disability.

Download for free. Pass to your Design team. Support them to design more inclusively.