Inclusion in the workplace - A guide for HR and D&I professionals

Creating a workplace culture that makes everyone feel welcomed, accepted, understood and celebrated matters.

What is an inclusive workplace?

Inclusion in the workplace is about creating a working environment that makes every employee feel valued. It’s about creating spaces where we can acknowledge differences and celebrate how these differences contribute to the culture and business outcomes.

Celebrating diversity and its role in the organizational fabric is at the core of an inclusive workplace. Organizations with an inclusive culture don’t pretend that everyone enjoys an equal footing or a level playing field. Instead, they acknowledge differences and systemic differentiation. They take the responsibility to offer equal opportunities to everyone.

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In this guide

Learn all about workplace inclusion. Uncover how to create safe spaces for your disabled employees to allow them to bring their whole selves to work. Discover how to celebrate differences, and create a culture with inclusion at its heart, making your organization a place where everyone can thrive.

Explore each section and discover:

The benefits of inclusion in the workplace

Organizations who embrace diversity and actively seek to create an inclusive culture reap the benefits of having a diverse workforce.

In this section, discover the many benefits that diverse and inclusive environments bring. In an inclusive workplace environment our colleagues feel more empowered and comfortable to bring their whole selves to work.

Inclusive recruitment and onboarding

Is your recruitment process inclusive of every potential candidate?

In this section, explore how to create a recruiting and onboarding process that's accessible and inclusive to all people, and flexible to different needs. You’ll also discover ways you can nurture your diverse talent and help every employee to thrive.

Inclusive organizational culture and values

Is your organization's culture truly inclusive?

In this section discover what having a truly inclusive organizational culture really means. Explore many ways to make your culture more inclusive of every employee as well as reading success stories from some of our partners.

Universal Design for Work

Universal Design is a powerful framework ensuring that products and spaces are accessible to everyone.

Widely embraced in education, it empowers students by customising environments and tools to their unique needs. Just like with classrooms, companies that create inclusive workplace practices guided by Universal Design can empower employees to do their best work. It will not only promote performance but ensure an inclusive, diverse and accessible environment for all.

Employee resource groups

Supporting workplace inclusion through Employee Resource Groups

Creating a safe space for every employee to bring their whole self to work means creating forums where employees of all backgrounds can feel comfortable expressing themselves. In this section learn about the purpose of ERGs, how to set them up, and read about our own ERG journey.

Business Resource Groups

Driving diversity, inclusion and business growth with BRGs

Explore the transformative potential of Business Resource Groups (BRGs) in advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives and achieving business objectives. Learn more on BRG fundamentals, their alignment with organizational goals, and essential insights for global companies.