Practical UDL: Actionable steps to build your UDL classroom

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The beginning of a new school year is a great time to kick off those big plans and ideas you’ve always had for creating a UDL environment. The goal of UDL is to remove barriers to learning and give all students the opportunity to succeed and it can feel overwhelming to think about how to put that into action.

So, where do you start?

In this session, Joni will walk you through what UDL is and what it is not as well as strategies and actionable steps to build your universal classroom, such as:

  • Tools to help build expert learners
  • How to foster independent, confident, and autonomous learners
  • How to use MTSS as a framework in your UDL classroom

If you are short on time and resources to implement UDL in your classroom or building, this is the session for you!

You will also walk away with a free MTSS Resource Guide.

About the Presenter

Joni Degner, Territory Director at Texthelp

Joni Degner is a trusted voice and recognized leader in the implementation of UDL for schools, districts and other institutions of opportunity. Joni is a territory director for Texthelp, supporting schools in Michigan and her homestate, Indiana. She is a dedicated partner to CAST and the UDL-IRN, presenting and keynoting at major summits & symposiums. Joni is passionate about equity, Universal Design for Learning, culturally responsive teaching, developmental relationships and design thinking. As a public school teacher, UDL consultant, equity advocate, and fulltime Texthelper, Joni has worked with school districts and universities across North America to implement UDL and improve learner outcomes. Joni is known for her high energy presentation and practical teaching strategies.

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