On Demand - Navigating the Road to Recovery: Leveraging stimulus funding to mitigate learning loss

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress has recently passed the American Rescue Plan Act, injecting approximately $132 billion into the K-12 education space. In this webinar we take a look at how Texthelp tools align with this funding.

With these funds, schools were able to quickly provide laptops and Learning Management Systems for their students to continue to learn remotely and minimize disruption to education. As schools started shifting back to in-person instruction, funding priorities re-aligned as well. Dollars started being prioritized to create safe learning environments and schools turned to their largest challenge yet - Learning Loss.

There will be a long road ahead as we navigate how to best support learning recovery. Thankfully the newest American Rescue Plan Act will provide K-12 education with an additional $132 billion to do just that. But it’s now up to us to make sure our students (no matter where they’re at in their learning journey) have the supports they need in order to succeed. And it’s important that those supports work within the infrastructures and devices districts have already invested so heavily.

Join us for a webinar as we look to how Texthelp tools:

  • Align with the American Rescue Plan’s funding guidelines
  • Were developed with Universal Design for Learning in mind to support every child’s unique needs and preferences
  • Are proven supports to mitigate learning loss
  • Work where you need them - across devices, platforms and Learning Management Systems