How not what: It's how we use EdTech that counts

In this roundtable you’ll hear from our partners, the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT), on how technology and pedagogy come together to make maths accessible to everyone, everywhere. We're also joined by two other mathematics experts who share their tips on creating engaging maths classrooms for students. Keeping an eye on the time, and posing the questions of the day is our host Greg O'Connor, Head of Education for Texthelp Asia/Pacific.

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Key areas of discussion:

  • Traditionally maths has been a pencil and paper topic, then when the pandemic hit that had to change, quickly. What was that like for teachers on the front line?
  • With so many EdTech tools to choose from, how do teachers know they are using the best tool for the job?
  • Technology enables students to learn remotely, so their learning can continue. What other benefits are there to teaching maths digitally?
  • How can teachers make sure that maths lessons are engaging?
  • In each classroom there are going to be reluctant learners, those kids that dismiss maths and  say they “just can’t do maths” - how can we bring them along, and make maths something they see the value in?

Meet our panel of speakers

Allan Dougan, CEO of AAMT

Allan is, and will always be, a teacher. He currently holds the role of CEO of AAMT, where his decades of classroom experience and earned expertise are being used to help children and teachers. 

Allan is a teachers’ teacher; engaging, inspiring and motivating others in their pedagogical pursuits through his keen knowledge and hands-on leadership, creating inspiring leaders in turn. His passion for learning drives education strategy, and his goal to empower teachers is fostering a love of learning for generations of today and tomorrow.

Fiona Thomas - Assistant principal at Sadleir Public School

Fiona holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education and she has worked across primary and secondary settings in NSW and Victoria for more than 30 years. She is currently an Assistant Principal in south western Sydney and previous roles include statewide Assistive Technology Advisor for the New South Wales Department of Education and Teaching and Learning Specialist for Texthelp Asia/Pacific. 

She has been an avid user of technology to support the teaching and learning needs of the diverse range of students in her classrooms. Fiona recently completed her Graduate Certificate in Primary mathematics at Western Sydney University.

Sam Hardwicke - Director of Mathematics and Numeracy at the ACT Education Directorate

Sam Hardwicke is the Director of Mathematics and Numeracy with the ACT Education Directorate. His team works to build the self-efficacy and capability of leaders and teachers within ACT public schools, who in turn drive meaningful and sustainable mathematics and numeracy improvement within their schools.

Prior to his work in the Education Support Office, Sam led teacher capacity building initiatives for Questacon and has worked in a range of school settings as both teacher and school leader.

Greg O'Connor - Head of Education for Texthelp Asia/Pac

Greg has been actively involved in education for over 30 years. During this time he has worked as a classroom teacher, school executive, inclusion consultant, regional manager with an education authority, and as a technology consultant and coach.
As Texthelp's Head of Education for Asia/Pacific, he helps to make sure that the over a million users of Texthelp products across the region get the most out of this technology. Greg is a seasoned facilitator, having presented across Australia, New Zealand, Asia/Pacific and beyond as a keynote speaker, conference presenter and workshop presenter.

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