Texthelp and Thriiver (formerly Hands Free Computing) help local Council Employee write reports with confidence

A local government officer is completing analyses of both internal and external services - with the support of Read&Write software from accessibility experts Texthelp, Thriiver and the government's Access to Work scheme.

Meet Harper

Harper is a project officer, where she analyses the wide variety of services offered and provided by a diverse range of organizations.

Prior to joining the local authority, Harper studied for a bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Loughborough University. As an undergraduate, she often wondered why researching and writing lengthy essays seemed to take her longer than her peers.

At the recommendation of her tutor, Harper was assessed by the university’s student services in her second year and learned that she was dyslexic.  The reasons behind her challenges with reading and writing text-heavy documents suddenly fell into place.


  • Harper is a Project Officer with Dyslexia. She was recommended Read&Write through assistive technology experts, Thriiver
  • Thriiver recommended Read&Write as "the ideal solution to support her in her workplace"
  • Harper gained access to the software as part of the UK government's Access to Work Scheme
  • Read&Write is helping Harper with reading and writing text-heavy documents. And giving her "a lot more confidence" along the way

Access to Work

After graduating successfully, Harper continued her studies at Loughborough University, gaining a Master's degree in Marketing and Management. On starting work at the council she soon learned from colleagues that she was eligible for the UK government’s Access to Work scheme that offers grants to employees based on their additional needs.

Her Access to Work assessor put Harper in touch with assistive technology experts Thriiver, a leading supplier of Assistive Technology solutions to public organizations including the NHS and local government.

After evaluating Harper’s workplace needs, Thriiver were quick to recommend Read&Write from Texthelp. Offering more than 50 different literacy support functions in an integrated, easy-to-use package, Read&Write offers a compelling, cost effective alternative to installing and managing several different AT programmes on employees’ laptops and tablets.

“We’re a one-stop shop, providing assessment, software, services and training for employees who qualify for Access to Work. In Harper’s case, we were very happy to recommend Read&Write from Texthelp as the ideal solution to support her in the workplace. The software is fantastic, and it’s been an invaluable addition to our own portfolio of Access to Work - approved assistive tools. Texthelp are also great partners to work with - there’s a genuine enthusiasm for supporting every individual’s literacy journey that goes far beyond choosing the right technology.” - Thriiver Account Manager

Read&Write Success

Harper has been very satisfied indeed with Read&Write, as well as the face-to-face training and support provided by the Thriiver team.

“I find Read&Write really helpful when I’m writing long, wordy reports on analyses I have completed. The screen reader function helps massively when I’m drafting a lengthy document. It’s great being able to hear a paragraph being read back aloud to me – giving me a lot more confidence that what I’ve written all makes sense!”

Harper also values Read&Write’s screen masking function that makes on-screen text easier to understand for users with various kinds of visual stress. “I get fewer migraines when I’m sitting in front of the computer, and I don’t get so tired when I’ve been typing and reading for a long time.”

Other features singled out by Harper include Read&Write’s dictionary, and on-screen highlighters that help when she is collating information from various sources for a report.

“Everything’s so easy to use with Read&Write”, she notes, “and the personal training I’ve received from Thriiver has been amazing, too.”   

Lasting Value

Assistive Technology has been a transformative force for Harper, boosting her productivity and confidence in the workplace. It has also directly benefited her employer - in supporting employees’ well-being and driving the organization forward to achieve its objectives with greater efficiency.

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