What to expect from Future Building in Education

On 4 May, join us for our first ever virtual conference dedicated to education in Australia and New Zealand. Head of Education for Texthelp Asia/Pac, Greg O’Connor, who is also our host for the day, explains why this event is so important to our team. He’ll also share his “must see” sessions and what you can expect on the day.

Why future building?

In a changing world the need to be flexible and quick to adapt is vital to delivering the education young people need. Educators have a huge part to play in preparing our students for the future. They are responsible for fostering a lifelong enjoyment of learning, developing key skills and building confidence and self esteem. All of which contributes to their personal and academic growth.

I’m most excited for… 

We have a packed schedule of talks and sessions with the experts. So whether you work in a school, college or university you will find the takeaways shared during the event helpful. 

Some of the sessions and topics I’m most excited for include:

Universal Design for Learning

I’m one of the speakers for this session, not that I’m biased or anything, but this is a must see. This is how we plan for success. This session will look at what UDL is and what it does. A lot of the advice is based on good teaching practice, so we know you're on your way to becoming an expert already. Our speakers will share some practical examples of how technology can support UDL, so you can continue to apply the principles.

Levelling the Playing Field - creating equity in mathematics.

How can we make maths more inclusive? During the event we’ll be delivering sessions, resources and advice on how to support students with maths and science. So don’t miss out if you’re looking for new ways to make STEM subjects more accessible and engaging.

Literacy is the key to lifelong learning

I have a literacy background, so this topic is always going to be close to my heart. Being able to read and write effectively is key to education and employment, and the ability to participate fully in society. In this session we'll take a look at how we can reach everyone. Encouraging all students to develop these essential life skills.

And not forgetting… 

This is PD with a difference. The conference is free, and you’ll have access to the sessions on demand. As we mentioned it’s on 4 May, so if you can’t attend you should still sign up - we’ll share the links with you afterwards. We’ll also have dedicated booths on key topic areas for you to visit, we’re gathering our best resources and putting them all online for you to download. 

See you then!