Supporting you to deliver a personalized remote learning experience

With the sudden reliance on Learning Management Systems (LMS) to provide instruction, many educators across the globe are now entering a new era for teaching - in some cases overnight. Take one look on social media and you’ll see an influx of questions and comments on how to best operate in this new online world we’re now all living in. The great news is, here at Texthelp, we have lots of  special LMS integrations to allow for a more personalized experience that helps make remote learning a little closer to traditional instruction. 

Most LMSs already include many of the things you need to successfully teach from anywhere in the world. And many companies, like Texthelp, offer special LMS integrations to allow for a more personalized experience that helps make remote learning a little closer to traditional instruction. 

Below I’ve listed a few of the integrations that we offer LMS users. And where appropriate, I’ve also listed some of the new features that we’re prioritizing to help educators better navigate through these uncharted waters. 


Canvas Integration

Google Classroom Integration

Google Forms Integration

Brightspace/D2L and Schoology integration

Infinite Campus

Fluency Tutor

Google Classroom Integration

Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write has always provided powerful supports for reading on the web, and now those tools are more important than ever when it comes to reading inside your LMS. Features like Hover Speech and the Play button can be used to read most content on LMSs, as shown below:

Gif showing how content is read aloud in Schoology

In addition, a recent update to Read&Write now provides improved support for using Prediction and Talk&Type inside many LMSs. With these tools, students can get the writing supports they need when completing assignments or participating in discussion threads. And in the coming weeks, we’ll be working on expanding this support to include even more LMSs.

Gif showing how Read&Write's prediction works in Canvas LMS

Read&Write’s PDF Reader

The PDF Reader makes it easy for teachers to create assignments, and for students to complete and submit them. In particular, the PDF Reader offers seamless integration with Google Classroom and now also with Schoology! If you’re using either of those platforms, you can easily create an assignment out of a PDF, assign to your students, and then review the work they’ve completed using the PDF Reader’s annotations, drawing tools, highlights and more. 

Google Classroom integration

Schoology integration


Google Classroom Integration:

Open Docs directly from Classroom Environment - WriQ works directly in the Google Classroom environment.  When students return work in Classroom, WriQ will be active when you open the Doc.  It’s that easy!

Gif showing WriQ in Google Classroom

Populate Classroom Class Lists in Dashboard - After registering with WriQ, connect your Google Classrooms to the Dashboard by clicking anywhere in the “Import Classrooms” box.  Classes and ists will quickly and automatically load on the page, and you’re all set!

If you have any questions about how any of our products work within an LMS, please drop us a comment below.