Read&Write is Still Free for Teachers

With over 4 million users, Read&Write for Google Chrome™ continues to be the top literacy support tool for Google Apps for Education users across the world. But did you know it’s completely free for teachers?

Here’s how it works:

Read&Write for Google Chrome logo

​If you're a teacher, and don't already have Read&Write for Google Chrome installed, head to the Chrome Store and download it before registering for your free subscription. If you already have a trial or an expired trial, you're all set with this step.

Then just go to and register by filling out the Teacher Registration form with your name, email, school, administrator, and other details that confirm your eligibility. Note: Be sure the email you provide is the same as the one you used to install Read&Write for Google Chrome. And remember, this is only for teachers. Entering student information in the form could be against your school or district’s student privacy policy.

That’s it! Once confirmed, your trial of Read&Write for Google Chrome will automatically be converted into a premium subscription for one year.

New to Read&Write for Google Chrome?

Read&Write for Google Chrome is an extension that provides comprehensive reading and writing supports for Google Docs and the web as well as PDFs, ePubs, and KES files stored in Google Drive.

Some of the benefits Read&Write for Google Chrome offers include:

  • An easy to use toolbar that integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and the web
  • Text to speech for reading accessible and inaccessible content in Google Docs, PDFs, ePubs and on the web
  • Tools like talking and picture dictionaries and a translator to support struggling readers or English Language Learners
  • Writing tools like word prediction and voice dictation
  • Colored highlighters for researching and extracting information from documents and the web
  • Typewriter and post-it annotations for PDFs and ePubs in Google Drive

Individuals who download the free trial of Read&Write for Google Chrome from the Chrome store get access to all features free for 30 days. After the trial expires, text to speech and translation supports for Google Docs and the web remain free. Premium features are available with purchase of a subscription. However, teachers can now receive continued access to ALL premium features at no charge!

Have you tried your free teacher account of Read&Write for Google Chrome? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!