Using Read&Write for Work with Google Chrome

Employees can use Read&Write for Work across multiple devices and platforms, including Google Chrome. Meaning employees have access to tools that help them to thrive anytime and anywhere.

Making the web, Google Docs and files more accessible for everyone

The Read&Write for Work toolbar integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace apps including; Google Docs, Google Slides, PDFs, and ePubs.

That means your diverse workforce has access to the toolbar where and when they need it. Providing employees with consistent access to assistive technology.

New Co:Writer Prediction, Topics, and Modes features now available in Read&Write for Google Chrome

Co:Writer Prediction

Co:Writer prediction provides the strongest, and most accurate word prediction available on the market.

Co:Writer’s Neuron™ prediction engine follows the natural relationships of ideas and concepts in the brain. The feature includes a simple-to-use word prediction engine specifically designed to free up ideas so they more naturally flow into writing—helping overcome writer’s block, word recall issues, and other barriers to writing.

Group lists of words together with Topics

This powerful tool groups lists of words together by content areas that can be activated when writing on particular topics. There are over 500 Topic Dictionaries already built into Co:Writer.

This means no more getting tripped up by hard-to-spell, industry-specific vocabulary. Instead, users can focus on writing for meaning and to express their knowledge and ideas.

Toolbar Modes

We're also introducing three new toolbar modes., allowing users to choose the layout that best suits their learning need - Horizontal, Vertical or Writing mode:

  1. Horizontal Mode: The familiarity of the current Read&Write toolbar - with a few small changes. Toolbar sits at the top of the screen and is fully customizable
  2. Vertical Mode: Vertical mode will mean that the toolbar is docked on the right hand side of the screen. It’s customizable too, so users can add icons from Read&Write toolbar as desired.
  3. Writing Mode: Ideal for users who primarily need writing support and may get overwhelmed with a toolbar with many different features.

Need a helping hand?

If you’d like to explore more about digitizing paper documents, check out our handy guide.

“Staff can log onto any machine in the office – or at home – and Read&Write is immediately there for them, whether or not they’re regarded as needing workplace adjustments. It’s efficient, cost effective and easy to administer – and it delivers the best outcome for all staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Read&Write.”

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