Improve reading comprehension and vocabulary development with our unique text leveling tool in Read&Write for Google Chrome.

What is Rewordify?

Rewordify is a feature in Read&Write for Google Chrome that helps learners to improve their reading and comprehension. It simplifies the readability of text without changing the meaning. Rewordify helps students to learn more words faster and it helps to improve learning outcomes and save time for teachers.

Simplify text for better understanding

Rewordify is a dynamic text leveling tool. It simplifies complex sentences and words, making them easier to understand. It identifies challenging words or phrases and replaces them with simpler alternatives, helping students to comprehend the essence of the text. This is particularly useful for students, language learners, and anyone with reading difficulties as it enhances comprehension and promotes independent learning.

Boost vocabulary and comprehension

As well as simplifying text, when used alongside other features in Read&Write, Rewordify gives learners the opportunity to expand their vocabulary. Features such as the Dictionary, Picture dictionary, and Translator, help students to expand their vocabulary and understanding of any given topic. By actively engaging with new words, learners can enhance word knowledge, improve language skills, and feel more confident in their reading abilities.

Personalization and flexibility

Rewordify allows learners to personalize their experience based on their specific needs. Students can adjust the readability level of their text to match their learning goals and proficiency level. These flexible options empower students to tailor the tool to their own individual preferences, creating a customized learning environment that suits their unique needs.

How does Rewordify work?

Watch this short video to see Rewordify in action.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Rewordify works on web pages, including in Learning Management Systems like Canvas, Schoology and D2L Brightspace. It can be found on the Read&Write web toolbar.

  • Rewordify is currently available in English only.

  • Yes, you'll need at least Chrome version 102 for Rewordify to work.