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Our automated website accessibility checker helps you to find compliance issues quickly, and at scale.

Helps to reduce compliance risk for your organization.

As an organization, it’s important that your website is accessible. Not only to make your online audience feel welcomed and valued. But to ensure you’re complying with legislation.

Auditor checks the WCAG compliance of your website. This means it checks for errors against the international standard for website accessibility - the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It highlights any issues and helps you to prioritize action.

  • Scans your URLs at scale on demand
  • Identifies compliance issues at WCAG Level A, AA and AAA
  • Highlights readability errors such as a high reading age, sentence length and jargon words
  • Highlights any broken links across your web pages
  • Provides you with downloadable reports, so you can review and prioritize improvements with ease

When it comes to WCAG compliance, it’s been reported that 97.8% of websites have WCAG Level AA failures. 

That means many organizations are at risk of non-compliance with legislation, which is costly. Not only to your reputation, but to an estimated value of $350,000 at minimum. Existing legislation includes:

US - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

US - Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

CA - Canadian Charter on Rights and Freedom

CA - Common Look and Feel Standards

CA - The Accessible Canada Act

Almost 10 lawsuits are filed against inaccessible websites every business day.

And of those filed, 21% are against organizations that have received web accessibility lawsuits in the past. With Auditor, making sure your website is accessible, and maintaining compliance is easy.

Our website accessibility checker saves you time from carrying out manual checks. Helping you to keep on top of updates. Reduce your compliance risk. And, ensure more customers can access and understand your content.

Using the ReachDeck Auditor

Checking WCAG compliance

Gain insight into compliance issues at WCAG Level A, AA and AAA. And prioritize action with a handy downloadable report.

Helping you acheive ADA compliance

1 in 5 Americans have a disability. ReachDeck supports ADA compliance in many ways. Discover how you can make your digital communications accessible to all.

"With ReachDeck, I like the compliance tool the most. I have relied on it heavily while updating my website. It flagged up code that was obsolete so I could fix it.  It also flagged that a search bar on our website didn’t have a ‘submit’ button. This was a great find and allowed us to fix it too."

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