How to add images to a PDF document

Make worksheets and assignments more engaging for students

How can teachers and students add images to PDFs using OrbitNote?

Everyone knows that handling PDFs can be pretty complex. They can be very hard to edit and difficult to make learning engaging in a classroom setting. Being able to edit a PDF means that students can better express their understanding in different, flexible ways.

OrbitNote allows users to insert an image from their Google Drive, OneDrive or computer right onto a PDF. It provides another means for users to interact with their documents, and make them richer and more engaging.

Students can insert images as part of their work or to explain an answer to a question. They can do this directly into any PDF assignment. They can even take a photo of handwritten work and insert it into a digital worksheet.

Educators can insert images into assignments to make them more personalized or engaging for different learning needs.

How teachers and students can add images to PDFs using OrbitNote (a step by step guide)

1. Open a PDF in OrbitNote

2. Click the ‘insert image’ button from the toolbar

3. Choose where you want to get your image from - you can upload from Google Drive, OneDrive or your computer

4. Simply resize and reposition the image on the page as needed

Watch this video to see how to add an image to a PDF using OrbitNote.

Please note: This is a premium OrbitNote feature. It’s available as part of a 30 day OrbitNote trial. After that, the button will be grayed out on the toolbar for any non-premium OrbitNote users.

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