Using annotation tools to add feedback to student worksheets

Add notes and feedback directly into student PDFs.

Closing the student feedback loop

Student feedback loops are similar to any other: students complete a task, receive positive or negative feedback, and change their actions. Even small changes can have an enormous impact on learning and growth. Leaving immediate, easily accessible feedback is a critical step in closing the feedback loop. Having text or audio feedback directly in a PDF worksheet or document is invaluable.

Feedback to students their way

Leave feedback for your students in the way they prefer. Speak, type, or handwrite feedback directly into a PDF worksheet.

Give feedback on an assignment?

Annotate student PDFs with your own notes and feedback. Keeping all student work and feedback in one place.

Add feedback directly to a student worksheet

Streamline your assessment process. Create a digital worksheet and allow students to add their answers directly in the PDF. Mark their work and leave them some feedback right alongside their answers.

Give audio feedback in Google Classroom

Having digital classroom resources is great. Storing them all in Google Classroom is even better. And, with OrbitNote you can leave audio feedback for students in your PDFs within Google Classroom.

Add instructions to a student PDF

A PDF laden with feedback and annotations can be overwhelming and confusing for some students. The Pushpin in OrbitNote allows you to leave feedback, helpful hints and tips, and instructions for your students. This keeps communication and feedback in a PDF clean and simple.

How to leave feedback on a student PDF

Leaving hints and tips on student PDFs

A heavily annotated text or PDF can be overwhelming and confusing for some students.

The Pushpin in OrbitNote allows you to leave helpful hints and tips, as well as instructions for your students. This keeps communication in a PDF clean and simple.

What our customers say

I love how OrbitNote allows all learners to easily manipulate PDF documents and gives them access to the familiar Read&Write tools that allow them to be independent and successful.

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