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Record student reading

Students can record reading passages whenever and wherever it suits them. And share back with their teacher to be assessed.

Transform oral reading fluency

Do you struggle finding the time to listen to and assess the oral reading fluency of all your students?

In remote learning environments it can be challenging finding the tools, time and space needed to listen to and assess oral reading fluency. With the Record feature in Fluency Tutor, teachers can assign passages for students to read, record and share back for assessment.

  • Get time back to focus on reading instruction and progress
  • Allow students to practice their reading where and when they feel most comfortable
  • Listen to recordings at a time and place that best suits you

Perfect for blended learning environments

Students can record themselves reading aloud from home and share with their teacher. Helping to keep students reading in class and at home.

Readers, not numbers

“Busy teachers save valuable time as they can listen to the recording when it best suits them and instead focus on looking at performance, because that's what matters most.” - Discover how West Warwick Public Schools (RI) used Fluency Tutor to assess students as readers, not numbers.

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