Create engaged and confident readers

Encourage students to practice oral reading fluency to help them progress with reading.

Fluency Tutor allows students to practice and record their reading at a time and place that best suits them. Engaging them in oral fluency practice where they feel most comfortable and not in front of their peers.

Practicing reading helps to:

Support emerging and reluctant readers

Using Fluency Tutor to practice reading engages reluctant readers. They can also use the extra help including text-to-speech to build their understanding if they don't want to ask for help.

Practice expression

Fluency Tutor provides a great way to help students practice their expression when reading. Students practice their reading over and over again, listening back to themselves as they go. And they can also share with their teacher to get feedback as well.

What our customers say

Busy teachers also save valuable time as they can listen to the recording when it best suits them and instead focus on looking at performance, because that's what matters most.

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