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Make math digital and accessible using an online equation editor

Online equation editor for Google Docs, Microsoft word, Mac, and more. Insert and edit equations easily using Equatio’s equation editor.

Insert an equation with prediction

Equatio is an online equation editor that makes building and solving formulas easy. Our formula prediction function helps students easily access stored formulas by predicting what they are typing, allowing them to concentrate on solving problems, instead of extending them.

Equatio's innovative formula prediction gives students greater independence and confidence to engage and flourish in math & STEM classrooms.

Show work with Equatio’s math equation editor

With the math equation maker, students can hand write annotations or sketch freehand to show the thought process when writing or editing equations, or even share feedback. Equatio allows students to show problems, line by line, and develop their answers. It's like working on a super-smart whiteboard with a specific math keyboard.

Math formulas read aloud

For some students, simply writing an equation out isn't enough, and even the most instinctive of online equation editors can go over their heads. But Equatio is different. Working alongside Read&Write, Equatio lets students have their math equations read out loud. All equations created with Equatio work with Read&Write, empowering students to engage with math & STEM subjects in an accessible way.

What educators say

“Equatio!! I can’t say enough about this awesome equation editor. My students have created some fantastic work with this in docs, slides and brightspace.”

Equatio is free for teachers!

We offer our digital math tool free for K-12 teachers.

This means you can get a premium subscription of Equatio for free!