Desmos Scientific Calculator

Explore math with the power of the Desmos scientific calculator - built into Equatio

The trusted power of Desmos

The Desmos scientific calculator is built into Equatio, allowing your students to access it at the touch of a button. Elementary students can use it to do basic sums with a standard numeric keypad and basic operator signs. Middle and high school students can benefit from trigonometry, roots, functions, exponents and more.

Recognized by state tests

Not only is their product regarded as one of the best, the Desmos scientific calculator has been adopted by many textbook publishers and is widely featured on state assessments within the United States.

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Accessible math for everyone

Like Desmos, we’re committed to helping every student learn math and love learning math. That’s why we’ve integrating the Desmos scientific calculator into Equatio. We share the same passion for accessibility which means the scientific calculator is designed to be complete with shortcut keys, font-size settings for low vision users, and sufficient color contrasts.

You can learn more about Desmos’ commitment to accessibility on their website.

Equatio is the only math tool you need for your classroom. And with the power of Desmos behind our graphing tool, the power is in your students’ hands to bring math to life.

What educators say

“WHAT!!! I just discovered that @Desmos is part of the Equatio chrome extension for Google. You can add graphs easily into a Google Doc from a Desmos calculator. #amazing #edtech #SPARCC18 #mindblown”

Equatio is FREE for Teachers

We offer our digital math tool free for K-12 teachers.

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