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As a publisher, we know it’s important to you that your content supports learners to achieve their best. Every learner has their own challenges and strengths. And some may need extra support. Such as students with disabilities, or English Language Learners. Our customizable solution helps you to make your content more accessible to all. It helps you to open up online learning and assessment platforms. And offers accessibility support to diverse learners. So every student can learn and achieve independently.

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Maximize student outcomes with SpeechStream

SpeechSteam is a fully customizable solution that helps independent learners access content with ease. And engage with content in a way that suits them. It can be embedded into your content. Helping you to meet the accessibility needs of diverse learners. 

Choose to add simple text-to-speech. Or opt for custom-built toolbars. And, we take care of everything. From customization to integration. To testing and even hosting. Saving you precious time-to-market and money. And helping you to impress the Schools, Colleges, States and Districts working with your content.

Track student writing progress with the WriQ Score

WriQ allows Ed Tech publishers to track student writing progress over time through embedded writing exercises and the use of the WriQ Score. The WriQ score is a recognized writing standard. Establishing common expectations in writing achievement at a state or national level by the end of a designated grade level.

It provides a meaningful number to help understand what the writing attainment levels are for students by taking into account several useful metrics along with a national norms comparison.

Data collected by WriQ (from more than 85,000 teacher-verified samples) has allowed for the creation of standardized norms by grade in writing mechanics such as: accuracy (correct word sequences minus incorrect word sequences) text maturity and text diversity.


Our tools are beneficial for all but they are also necessary for some, and that’s why our product suite is built with accessibility in mind.

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    We're a proud member of Learnosity’s Partner Network. Learnosity specializes in assessment solutions. And they're passionate about improving student success, just like us. We're among a handful of EdTech companies that they recommend to their customers. They recommend SpeechStream to support "a more positive student experience". Learn more about their own experience of SpeechStream.

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    “Our two companies continuously scan for emerging technologies, standards and solutions that will make creating accessible content easier for our common publishing customers, to improve their end user test taking experience.”

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