Texthelp Ltd acquires Oribi

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Belfast, 24th October 2022: Texthelp Ltd, the global leader in literacy and accessibility technology, has acquired Sweden based assistive technology firm, Oribi. This deal will enable the best assistive technologies to be brought to many more students in Sweden and around the world. The acquisition was completed on Monday, 17th October.

Oribi currently serves literacy and accessibility technology customers across Sweden. The Texthelp group already includes Lingit and Wizkids, both leaders in supporting the needs of students across the Nordics. By combining language technologies across the group, Texthelp will offer a wider and improved range of tools to their customers in Sweden and on a global basis. Oribi will also be able to provide Texthelp Maths products to their customers for the first time.

Martin McKay, Founder & CEO, Texthelp said: “Oribi has a well earned reputation as the leader in Swedish language technology, and as a company dedicated to helping people understand and be understood. At Texthelp, we have an ambition to bring together the best language technologies from around the world. This will allow us to maximise the support we can give to our users. I am thrilled that Oribi is joining the Texthelp Group. Together we will be able to support  even more people in Sweden and beyond. This takes us one step closer to our goal of helping improve the literacy of 1 billion people by 2030.”

Henrik Karlsson, Founder & CEO, Oribi commented “This is an exciting moment for Oribi as we join forces with Texthelp. We are excited about the long term stability offered by Oribi becoming part of the Texthelp group. This will allow us to make both our current and future customers happy for many years to come. We are looking forward to an exciting journey making even better products together in our joint ambition of creating equal opportunities for all.”

About Texthelp

Founded in 1996, the Texthelp Group is a global technology company helping people all over the world to understand and to be understood. It has led the way in creating innovative technology for the education and workplace sectors for the last three decades. 

Texthelp believes in a world where difference, disability or language are no longer barriers. It is focused on helping all people learn, understand, and communicate through the use of digital education and accessibility tools. 

With over 50 million users worldwide, the Texthelp suite of products includes Read&Write, Equatio®, WriQ®, OrbitNote®, ReachDeck® and FluencyTutor® which work alongside existing platforms such as Microsoft Office and G-suite, enabling them to be integrated quickly into any classroom or workplace with ease. 

In 2021, Texthelp acquired the Lingit Group, Wizkids and Don Johnston Inc. By combining capabilities and knowledge across the group, Texthelp can now provide a whole suite of literacy and numeracy support to a greater number of end-users across more geographies. To learn more about Texthelp, visit www.texthelp.com

About Oribi 

For over twenty years Oribi has made market-leading spell checkers and language support apps running on many different platforms. 

Oribi’s knowledge about reading and writing difficulties is combined with sophisticated mathematical algorithms and user-friendly interfaces. The company’s staff includes computer programmers, linguists, web designers and speech-language pathologists. 

Website (in Swedish) https://oribi.se/  Website (in English)  https://oribi.se/en/)

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