Motivate students to write with WriQ

Engage students in writing

Engage your students in writing tasks like never before, thanks to the power of WriQ. With access to their own WriQMeter, students can track their own progress with regular stats.  They can also receive instant feedback and earn badges as they improve their writing.

Put students in charge of their own learning

Students can track how long they can write for, before taking a pause or stopping (a writing burst). Positive nudge notifications prompt them to do a little better every day. They’re only ever in competition with themselves.

What educators say about WriQ

The biggest thing is that it cuts down the editing and correction time for the teacher. It leaves me more time for differentiation and 1:1 instruction, and I have real data to share with students and parents. Having the data is more persuasive than just a subjective opinion from the teacher.

How can you try or buy WriQ?

Free 30-day trial

Free access to all WriQ features for 30 days - ideal for teachers or parents who want to try WriQ.

No Credit Card Required

Free district-wide pilot

Experience a full roll-out of WriQ for a large group of users. Includes access to all premium features and implementation materials.


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