Desmos Graph Creator

Easily create graphs with Equatio’s graph creator, powered by Desmos

How to Use Equatio's Graph Editor

Graphing made easy

Visualize math digitally

Easy access to graphing tools is essential in any math classroom. With our easy-to-access Graph Creator, powered by the wonderful people at Desmos, students can plot their math in a familiar environment, at the click of a button.

Great for everyday use

From 5th Grade and up a graphing calculator is an essential classroom tool. Equatio’s Graph Creator is powered by Desmos graphing technology so you can rest assured that your students are in safe hands when it comes to showing math expressions visually.

Help students express their knowledge

Not every student learns in the same way. In a classroom full of varying abilities, students need to be able to express their knowledge in a way that suits them. That’s why the Equatio Graph Creator is an essential piece of classroom kit.

Equatio is the only math tool you need for your classroom. And with the power of Desmos behind our graphing tool, the power is in your students’ hands to bring math to life.

What educators say

“Ss love graphing patterns with @texthelp #equatio #desmos We especially love how easy it is to insert the graph into our Google slide.”

Equatio is FREE for Teachers

We offer our digital math tool free for K-12 teachers.

This means you can get a premium subscription of Equatio for free!